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Our History

Inspiration. Empathy. A Heart To Serve.

When the doors of Chesapeake Home Health Care were opened in January 2006, we based the organization on three key principles (Inspiration, Empathy, and A Heart to Serve).

These foundational principles were first witnessed and learned first-hand while supporting the work of Mary Evangeline Paul, Erica's mother-in-law, a registered nurse and pioneer of the Model Waiver Program in Maryland and pediatric nursing in the region.

Our commitment to quality service began with our inception. This was made evident by our deciding to forgo taking on clients for the first 18 months, choosing instead to continue learning the industry and the diverse needs of our future clients.


That first year and a half positioned us not only to learn best practices, but to begin developing a few of our own. It was also during that time though, as we offered consulting support to Mrs. Paul's RSA -- a hallmark in the community that had been serving since 1984 -- that we refined our focus and zeroed in on the underserved and often misunderstood and complex needs of families with medically fragile, technology-dependent children.

In late 2005, Mrs. Paul decided that her health no longer permitted her to care for others. It was at this time the decision was made to have Erica take over.  Mrs. Paul identified in Erica the characteristics necessary to succeed; compassion, integrity and a desire to help others. Mrs. Paul trained, mentored and supported Erica, and her associate, throughout the transition to form Chesapeake Home Health Care.

With Mrs. Paul's business came two clients, an operating budget of about $500,000, and a reputation for quality. In the 13 years since we took the mantle of care from her, Chesapeake has grown into a multi-million dollar organization.

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And today, we remain dedicated to our original mission: to provide service to a community that deserves attention.

To do this, we boast one of the most trained and diverse professional staffs in the industry. Our staff is more than 75 nurses including LPNs and RNs and an array of additional professional and technical staff all committed to providing the best service to our nearly 40 families.

Like our inspiration, Mrs. Paul, we still believe it is best to serve - and bloom! - where we're planted. We're headquartered in Southern Maryland with just one aim: taking care of the caregivers here and across Maryland. In addition to quality care, we pride ourselves on our patient advocacy services, assisting families with identifying and securing wraparound resources to ensure they're getting all of the services they need.

This all is just the beginning. In the years to come we aspire to offer additional services to the senior population as well as becoming a regional hub for nurse education, developing and offering curriculum's for nurses to earn CEUs. And we will work to become recognized as the premiere nursing agency in our region, securing key accreditations to bolster our credibility.

Yes, a lot has changed since our current owner Erica Paul and previous co-owner Laseandia Harley, started learning the craft of home health care in a basement under the tutelage of Mrs. Paul. But we're also very happy to say that the most important things have not changed at all. 

With each interaction with our clients, we hope to inspire a hope for a better tomorrow; fully understand and embrace their needs and challenges; and always follow our hearts to serve them and our community better.