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Erica Paul - President/CEO

For Chesapeake Home Health Care's President and CEO, Erica Paul, the work of supporting, and taking care of others is personal: she was first exposed to the home healthcare industry as a freshly-minted college graduate, accounting degree in-hand, helping her would-be mother-in-law manage finances for her home healthcare company. Thirteen years later, the work of caring for sick and medically-fragile children remains fulfilling and important to her.

Before becoming owner of Chesapeake Home Health Care, Ms. Paul would hone her talent for finances, accounting and taxes.  She took on higher levels of responsibility in several high-level positions with the federal government, CPA firms, and other small businesses, where she sharpened her accounting, auditing, tax, and business management skills.

“We’re not just sending warm bodies, we’re sending assistance and care to help guardians and parents bear the burden of a sick or medically-fragile child.  And it can be a burden sometimes.  Those families need to know they aren’t alone.”

Ms. Paul is right at home in the CEO seat.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting along with over 25 years of experience in accounting and management. The impact Chesapeake Home Health Care has had on its community continues to inspire Ms. Paul to push the organization further in service to its families and children.  In the coming years she hopes to broaden the CHHC brand to include senior care and a certified training and education program for nurses – adding more ways for the organization to give back to the community that has come to depend on their quality of service.


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